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On this page we provide you, the frequently asked questions at 4b42 Internet Exchange Point.

How do we contact 4IXP?

Please send email to peering@4ixp.com for any questions or issues. All inquiries will be held confidential.

How much do ports cost?

4IXP does not charge any fees, CrossConnects within our data center costs 1000 CHF once, for copper 80 CHF and glass 150 CHF per month. For dedicated and virtual servers of 4b42, as well as for all tunnels, the connection is free.

What Technology is Used to Connect Peers?

4IXP has two types of peers - local and remote. Local peers have a dedicatd or virtual server from 4b42 or have a cross connect to the 4IXP Core Routers. Remote peers use a layer2 tunneling protocol to connect to the 4IXP Coure Routers without a physical presence. Supported tunneling protocols are EoIP and GRE.

All (local and remote) peers, use BGP to exchange routing information with each other, and optionally, the 4IXP route servers.